zelio gracy-i

Zelio Gracy-i

Ex-showroom price- ₹56,825 – 59,755/-

Key Features Of Gracy i

Charging Time

4-5 hours

Battery Capacity

60 V/26-40 Ah


60-120 km/charge

Tyre Type


zelio gracy-i

Front Disc Brake

In this, you are getting Front Disc brake for the safety of you and your vehicle, it will help you to stop suddenly.

Long Leg Space

In this you are getting long leg space for your comfortable journey. With which you will be able to keep your legs comfortably.

Remote Lock

In this, you are getting a remote lock, with the help of which you can lock and unlock remotely, without key.

LED Head Light

With its powerful LED headlight, you do not need to travel in low light as it will fill your way with light.


In this, you are also getting a USB port for mobile charging, now you can charge your mobile while traveling.

DRL Light

In this you are getting DRL light which gives you safety during day time helps other road users to see your vehicle quicker and clearly.

Parking Mode

In this you are getting parking mode, without turning on this mode your vehicle cannot start, this facility is for your safety.

Reverse Mode

It is now easy to push the scooty back as you are getting Reverse Mode in it. Which is mostly found only in Four Wellers.

3 Speed Mode

In this you are getting 3 speed mode, with the help of which you can increase or decrease your scooty top speed according to you.

Cruz Control

You are getting the cruz control system which will help you to make your journey comfortable. With the help of this, you can set your vehicle at the same speed, then this system helps it to keep moving at the same speed.

Big Boot Space

In this, you are getting big boot space, with the help of which you can easily keep your luggage in it and travel.

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