Zelio Gracy Electric Scooter

Ex-showroom price – ₹56,675 – 59,755/-

Key Features Of Zelio Gracy

Battery Capacity

60 V/26-40 Ah


60-120 km/charge

Tyre Type


Charging Time

4-5 hours

zelio gracy

No License No Registration

On the one hand, its specialty is that no license is required to run it, nor does it need to be registered.

60/120 km Range

Talking about the range, you are getting a range of 60/120 km in this. So that you do not need to charge your vehicle again and again.

LED Head Light and Backlight

Now get rid of traveling in low light because you are getting Powerful LED Headlight and Backlight which will fill your night journey with light.

LED lights

DRL Light

Its DRL (Day Running Light) light will help you make your day trip safe. Day time light as the name suggests, allows other road users to quickly and easily see your vehicle.

reverse mode

Revers Mode

Now you do not have to face any problem in pushing the scooty back. Because like four wheelers, you are getting revers mode in it.

parking mode

Parking Mode

In this, we are also giving you the parking mode, your vehicle will not start until you turn on your vehicle in purning mode. If your vehicle is on then you turn on the parking mode at that time your vehicle will not move forward.

Long Leg Space

It is very important to have long leg space for comfortable sitting, so we are giving you long leg space so that you do not feel uncomfortable while riding.

Front Disc Brake

In this, you are getting a disc brake in the front, which helps you to stop suddenly and safely.

Large Boot Space

There will be no problem in taking your luggage with you while riding. Because in this you are getting big boot space in which you can easily keep all your essentials.


In this, you have also been given the facility of mobile charging so that if your mobile battery runs out during the journey, then you can charge your mobile.

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