Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

Ex-showroom price – ₹57,475/-

Key Features of Zelio Eeva

Charging Time

4-5 hours(Lithium)

6-8 hours(Lead)


60-120 km/charge

Battery Capacity

60 V/26-40 Ah

Zelio Eeva Electric Scooter

LED Headlights

Now you don’t have to worry about riding in low light conditions as ride safely with its efficient LED headlights that provide you enough light even in low light conditions.


Front Hydraulic
Rear Spring Loaded

Autocut of Charger


Auto Repair Switch


Parking Switch


reverce mode

Reverse Mode

In this you are getting reverse mode. With the help of which you can easily reverse your vehicle. Now you will not have any problem in pushing your vehicle back.

Anti Theft Alarm System

In this Anti Theft Alarm system has been installed for the safety of your scooty. So that whenever someone tries to harm your scooty or tries to steal, then this alarm will warn you.

Hydraulic Suspension System

It gets a hydraulic suspension system which is a new type of suspension that uses oil and compressed gas in place of springs. It helps you to make your ride smooth by absorbing the forces emanating from the road surface.

Types of Breakes 

Front Disc
Rear Drum

Tyre Type


Reverse Gear


Mobile Charging System


Front Disc Brake

Now you are getting the front disc brake which has been fitted keeping in mind your safety. so that it helps you in case of sudden stop.

150 Kgs Load capacity

In this, you are getting 150 Kgs load capacity, with which you will not have to face any problem in carrying your luggage.


LED Indicators

In this you are getting super power LED indicators. Which is very stylish. It gives an attractive look to your vehicle.

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