Viertric Eagle

Ex-showroom price – ₹70,095/-

Key Features of Viertric Eagle Electric Scooter

Max Speed

57 kmph


60-70 km/charge

Battery Capacity

48 V/26 Ah

Battery Warranty

3 Years

Charging Time

4-5 hours

Comfortable and Large Seats

To make your journey more comfortable, we are giving you large and comfortable seats so that you can stay comfortable even during long journeys.

side view of Viertric Eagle

Key Less on-off Option

For you, we have also given Key less on-off option in it, with the help of which you can turn your vehicle on and off without key.

front view

Stylish Headlight and Backlight

To give a great look to your scooty, we have fitted stylish headlight and backlight in it. Apart from being stylish, it will also make your night journey very comfortable and safe while being illuminated.

Anti Theft Alarm

Now remove the fear of theft of your vehicle in the parking lot because in this you are getting the facility of anti theft alarm. Which will alert you as soon as there is an unwanted movement with your vehicle.

digital speedometer

Digital Speedometer

In this you are getting a digital speedometer which will give you complete information whether it is day or night, you can easily see it clearly.

disc brekes

Disc Break or Drum Break

Keeping your safety in mind, we have put Disc Break at Front and Rear Drum Brake for you. With the help of which you should not face any problem in stopping suddenly.

tubeless tyre

Tubeless Tyre

Tubeless tyre make your journey comfortable as the chances of getting punctured are very less and their maintenance is also less. Even after a puncture, all the air does not come out suddenly, which does not disturb the balance of the vehicle during riding, which can avoid accidents.

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