tesla Model-Y

Tesla Model Y

Starting Price – $52,999/-

Key Features Of Tesla Model Y

tesla model y

LED Headlight and Backlight With DRL

In this you are getting very stylish LED headlight and back light With DRL which gives a very attractive look to your vehicle.

Large Boot Space

Being an electric vehicle, you are getting huge boot space both in front and back. In which you can keep a lot of your belongings. At the rear, you can expand the boot space by folding the seats.

5 Seater or 7 Seater option

In this you are getting two options in seats, you can also buy 5 seater or 7 seater vehicle.

505 Range

Now there is no need for you to travel with less mileage because in a vehicle you are getting a mileage (range) of 505 km.

Fast Charging (15 mints 270km)

In this, you are getting very fast charging speed, you can travel up to 270 kilometers with just 15 minutes of charge. So that you do not have to worry about wasting time on charging.


Its seats are very comfortable so that you will not feel tired at all even during long journeys. There is good legroom and headroom at both the front and rear.

Sunroof(With UV Protection)

In this vehicle, you are getting a huge sunroof which will give you a great feeling outside even when you are sitting in the car. This sunroof will also protect you from the UV rays of the sun.

14 Speaker

So that you can enjoy great music while traveling, it has 14 wonderful speakers. Which will help you to make your journey even better.

Tesla Model Y

Autopilot Mode

In this, you are also getting Autopilot mode, which is the most unique and cool feature of this vehicle, which is designed to give you rest during the journey. As soon as it is turned on, the car will drive itself on its own.

Top Speed 135

In this, you are getting a top speed of 135 kmh which will help you to enjoy the fast drive. It will help you to cover your long journey in less time.

Adjustable Staring

In this, you are getting adjustable steering, which you can easily adjust according to your height with the help of buttons on the steering.

15 inch Touch Screen

In this vehicle you are getting very few buttons and no instrument cluster is also available. You get all the control and information on its 15 inch touch screen display.

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