tesla model s

Tesla Model S

Starting Price – $94,990/-

Key Features Of Model S


Yoke Steering

A bold new approach gives you a real connection to the Model S, offering an improved steering feel and an unobstructed view of your dash and the road ahead. Tap the brake and the Model S instantly selects the right direction to start your journey.

Perfect Environment

Air vents are hidden in the rooms, while tri-zone temperature control, HEPA filters and ventilated seats provide a comfortable environment.


Redesigned Second Row

Seating Space for three adults, with extra headroom, legroom and a stowable armrest with storage and wireless charging.

Console-Grade Gaming

Up to 10 Teraflops of processing power to unlock today’s latest car games and consoles. Play from any seat with headphone compatibility and wireless controls.


Room for Everything

With a front and rear trunk and fold-flat seats, you can fit your bike and your luggage without even removing the wheels.


Electric Powertrain

The S model design combines power and battery technology for range, unparalleled performance and efficiency. The new module and heat pack allow for fast charging and give you power and stamina in all conditions.


Stay Connected

Easily connect to multiple Bluetooth devices, or charge devices quickly and wirelessly with the 36 Watt USB-C port.

Immersive Sound

The 22 speakers, 960W audio system with Road Noise Reduction provides immersive listening with studio-level sound quality.


Cinematic Experience

The 17 inch touch screen with left right tilt delivers 2200 x 1300 resolution, excellent colors and exceptional reception for games, movies and more.

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