tesla model 3

Tesla Model 3

Starting Price – $47,000/-

Key Features Of Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Front Frunk (Trunk) Storage Space

Since it is an electric car, it does not have an engine, so you are getting storage to keep your belongings in the front. In which you can easily keep your small size luggage bag.

Back Trunk Boot Space

In this you also get back trunk storage space. In which you can easily store a lot of your stuff. The storage space can be increased further by folding the rear seats of the vehicle.

Other Storage Space

In this you are getting more storage space. The glove box at the front, under the arm rest and doors also gets a lot of storage space.

back view

Wireless charging System

In this you are getting two wireless charging systems so that you can charge two mobiles simultaneously.


In this you are getting a very big and nice sunroof. With which you can enjoy the natural light and views. Which will make you feel the open car from above.

Seatbelt sensor

In this, a seatbelt sensor has also been installed, keeping your safety in mind, your car will not move from parking mode until you do not put on the seatbelt.

Different place of Gear Lever

In this, you are not getting the gear lever in the center like other vehicles, but you are getting a button with the steering which works as the gear lever.

Parking Cameras

In this you are also getting parking cameras. Which will help you to park the car safely and quickly. Now enjoy parking your car with ease without any fear of damage.

Range 272 km

In this, you are getting a range of 272km on full charge so that you will not have to waste your time in charging your vehicle again and again.

140 km Top Speed

Now you don’t need to drive slow because you are getting top speed of 140 km so that you can complete your long journey in very less time.


15 inch Touch Screen

In this, you are getting a 15-inch touch screen display, with the help of which you can control all the features of your vehicle. You will not find any instrument cluster in this vehicle, you will also get information about it on this screen.

Keyless Entry System(Card key and mobile app)

In this you are getting keyless entry, you do not need to lock and unlock your car, it automatically locks and unlocks itself.

Autopilot Mode

In this, you are also getting autopilot mode so that when you get tired while driving, this mode will automatically control the vehicle.

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