Stella Automobili SA 2000

Stella Automobili SA 2000

Ex-showroom price – ₹86,000 – 94,000/-

Key Features Of SA 2000 Electric Scooter

Charging Time

3-4 Hours

Motor Power


Battery Warranty

2-3 Year


60-70 km/charge

Stella Automobili SA 2000

LED Headlight and Backlight

In this you are getting very attractive LED headlight and backlight. Which is enough to attract everyone’s attention. Its powerful LED system will now make your night journey bright and safe and easy.


In this you are getting LED DRL light which gives you protection during the day. This allows other road users to see your vehicle quickly and clearly during the day.

disc brakes

Combi Brake

It has a combi brake system for your safety. This is a great and new feature, in which both brakes are combined, whenever you apply brakes, both brakes work together. Due to which both the wheels stop simultaneously so that the balance of the vehicle does not deteriorate.

Tubeless Tyre

In this, you are getting both the tires tubeless which will help you in making your journey easier. Chances of them getting punctured are very less, even if there is a puncture, then you do not need to stop suddenly because all the air does not come out suddenly.

150 kg Carrying Capacity

Its luggage carrying capacity of up to 150 kg will make your journey even easier. Now you will not have any problem in getting the goods from the market. While going somewhere, you will not face any problem in taking essential items with you.

Mobile Charging

During the journey, there is no need to stop and find a charging point to charge the mobile because you are getting a USB port in it, with the help of which you can easily charge your mobile.


Digital Speedometer

In this we are giving you a great digital speedometer, in which you will get all the information. You can see it both day and night without any problem.

3 Riding Modes

In this you are getting 3 riding modes, with the help of which you can increase or decrease the top speed of your vehicle. But when you increase the top speed then its range will decrease but when you reduce the top seed then you will get more range.

Reverse Mode

Now you are getting Reverse Mode like four wheelers. So that whenever you need to reverse your scooty you do not have to face any problem.

Anti Thief Alarm

In this you are getting Anti Thief alarm which will help you to protect your vehicle in the parking lot. This alarm will sound and alert you when someone tries to steal it.

Remote Lock System

Now the era of locking and unlocking your scooty with the key is gone because you are getting a remote lock system in it. Now you can easily lock and unlock your scooty with the help of remote.

Extra Hook For Luggage

To keep your extras, you also get a hook at the front with which you can hang your small stuff so that you do not have to open the boot space again and again for every small item.

Leg Space

In this, you are getting big leg space, so that you will be able to sit comfortably while riding.

Storage Space

In this, you are getting big boot space to keep your stuff, with the help of which you can easily keep your stuff in it.

Fast Charging

Now your precious time will not be wasted while charging your vehicle. Because you are getting fast charging system in it, due to which your vehicle will be charged very quickly.

Comfortable Seat with Back Rest

In this you are getting a very comfortable seat with back rest which will help you to make your journey comfortable.

65 To 70 Range

Now get rid of the hassle of charging again and again as you are getting a range of 65 to 70 kms on full charge.

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