Stella Automobili SA 1000

Stella Automobili SA 1000

Ex-showroom price – ₹68,000 – 75,000/-

Key Features Of SA 1000

Charging Time

3-4 Hours

Motor Power



60-70 km/charge

Battery Warranty

2-3 Year

Stella Automobili SA 1000

LED Head Light

In this you are getting LED headlight, this light will fill your night journey with light, which will make your night journey easy and safe.

Reverse Mode

In this you are getting reverse mode. With which you will not have any problem in reversing your vehicle, so you can easily reverse your vehicle.

USB Port

Has the mobile battery run out? There is nothing to worry about, you are getting a mobile charging system in it, with which you can charge your mobile.

3 Riding Modes

In this you are getting 3 riding modes, with the help of which you can increase or decrease your scooty top speed, increasing the top speed will reduce its range and if you reduce the top speed then you will get more range.

Digital Speedometer

In this you are getting a digital speedometer which provides you all the information at the same time. You can easily see it in both low light and high light.

Front Boot Space

In front of this, we are getting boot space for you, you can keep any small stuff of yours.


Large Boot Space

In this, you are getting a large boot space to keep your belongings so that you do not face any problem in keeping your belongings.

Comfortable Seat with Back Rest

It is very important to have a comfortable seat in any vehicle so that you do not face any problem during the journey. That is why in this we have brought a comfortable seat with back rest for you.

Remote Lock

In this you do not need to lock and unlock your vehicle with the key because you are getting remote lock in it, now with the help of remote you can easily lock and unlock your vehicle.

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