PURE EV ETrance Neo

PURE EV ETrance Neo

Ex-showroom Price – ₹87,999/-

Key Features Of ETrance Neo

Motor Power



90-120 km/charge

Max Speed

60 kmph

Battery Capacity

2.5 KWh

PURE EV ETrance Neo

Great Brake System

In this we are giving you a very good brake system which will provide you safety while riding. In front you are getting disc brake and at rear you get drum brake.

Remote Lock

In this you are getting a remote lock system which will make locking and unlocking the vehicle even easier. This system is mostly available in 4 wheelers only.

Anti Thief Alarm

We have brought for you Anti Theft Alarm System which helps you to protect your Scooty, whenever someone tries to steal your Scooty or cause any kind of damage, then this alarm alerts you.

side view

Comfortable Seat

In this, we are giving you a comfortable seat, on which you can sit and travel comfortably. Its seat is quite long on which 2 persons can easily sit.

Day Running Light

Keeping your safety in mind, we are giving you DRL Light which is also known as Daytime Running Light which helps other drivers to see your vehicle quickly and clearly during the day time.

LED Headlight and Backlight

In this, you are getting super power LED headlight and backlight which will help you to make your night journey easy and safe by filling it with light.

white colour

Fast Charging System

In this, you are getting a fast charging system, with the help of which you will not have to wait much for your vehicle to be charged. It will be fully charged in just 4 hours.

Large Digital Speedometer

In this we are giving you large and digital speedometer so that you can easily see all the information in it without any hassle.

60 KMPH Top Speed

There is no need for you to ride slow in this fast era as you are getting a top speed of 60 kmph which will help you to make your journey comfortable.

90-120 KM Range

Now travel long distances with just one full charge without worrying about running out of battery. Because you are getting a range of 90 to 120 kilometers in it.

Battery Portable

Now it is not necessary to have a charging point in the parking lot or have to be installed because you are getting a portable battery in it, which you can easily get out of the vehicle and can also charge inside the house.

150 KG Loading capacity

Now carrying loaded luggage during travel has become even easier as this vehicle has 150 KG load bearing capacity.

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