ola s1

Ola S1 Electric Scooter

Ex-showroom price – ₹79,999 – 1.40 Lakh/-

Key Features Of Ola S1

Max Speed

116 kmph


181 km/charge

Battery Capacity

4 kWh

Motor Power


ola s1

Electricity consumptions

This scooty takes only 4 units to be fully charged.

116 kmph Top Speed

Now you don’t need to compromise on low speed because in this we are giving you top speed of 116 kmph with which you don’t need to ride to slow.

Acceleration (0 To 60KM) only 4.5 Second

In this you are getting very good acceleration power, with the help of which the speed of your vehicle will reach from 0 to 60 kmph in just 4.5 seconds.


Fast Charging Speed

There is a lot of problem regarding slow charging speed in electric vehicles, that’s why we are giving you fast charging speed in it, so that your vehicle will be fully charged in just 6 hours 30 minutes.

Disc Brake (Front or Rear)

In this, you are getting both brake discs which is a very good brake system, it will help you in stopping suddenly and safely.

Combine Braking System

To make your brake system better and safe, we have combined both the brakes which is called Combined Braking System, in which both the brakes are combined together so that both work together when braking is applied. Due to which the balance of the vehicle is maintained while braking.


Mobile Charging Point

Keeping in mind the increasing importance and need of the mobile, we have also given a mobile charging point in it so that you do not have to face the low battery of the mobile during the journey.

Mobile Connectivity

The unique thing about this vehicle is that the key does not come with it, earlier you used to unlock it by using a password, but now you are getting companion app connectivity in it, so that now you can lock and unlock it with the help of mobile.

OTA (Over-the-Air)

In this vehicle you are getting OTA (Over-the-Air) system. Like the smartphone, the software of the Ola scooter can also be updated over-the-air. Through these updates, you will continue to unlock new features that will enhance your riding experience.


Cruise Control

In this, you are also getting cruise control, which will give you a lot of comfort during the journey. With the help of this, you can set your vehicle at any speed so that it will continue to run at the same speed without giving accelerator.

External Speakers

To enjoy music during the journey, you are also getting external speakers, which you can connect to your mobile and listen to music.

Drive Modes

In this you are getting 4 types of drive modes Normal, Sports, Hyper, and Eco so that you can increase or decrease the top speed of your vehicle but at high top speed you will get a little less range and at low top speed you will get more range. .

Reverse Assist

To reverse a two wheeler, many times you have to face a lot of trouble, that’s why we are giving you reverse assist in it, with the help of which you can easily reverse your vehicles.


To give you a comfortable ride even in bad roads, we are giving you excellent suspension in this, in the front you are getting Single Fork and Rear Mono Shock Suspension which will help you to give you a comfortable journey.

Tubeless Tyre

In this, you are getting tubeless tires, which will relieve you to a great extent from the trouble in traveling due to tire puncture. Because the chances of them getting punctured are very less, even if they happen, then there is no need to stop suddenly because all the air does not come out of them suddenly.

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