Odysse V2+ Electric Scooter

Ex-showroom price – ₹77,250 – 1 Lakh/-

Key Featrues Of Odysse V2+


150 km/charge

Charging Time

3.5 Hours

Max Speed

25 kmph

Battery Capacity

2.6 KW

Tyre Size

90/90-12 (tubeless)

Wheel Size

Front :-254 mm, Rear :-254 mm


Anti Theft Alarm

For the safety of your scooty, in this we are giving you Anti Theft alarm, so that when someone tries to harm your scooty in any way or someone tries to steal it, then this alarm will ring and alert you.

Colorful Digital Speedometer

In this you are getting a colorful digital speedo meter in which you will get all the information. It can be seen both day and night without any trouble.

LED Headlight or Tail Light

In this scooty you are getting all the lights LED which uses less electricity which increases its mileage. Its powerful headlight and backlight illuminate your night journey making it easy and safe.

Top Speed 25 kmph

In this you are getting a top speed of 25 kms, which is great for a safe ride for kids, elderly and everyone. This speed is also good for city rides.

Range150 km/charge

Now you do not need to charge your scooty again and again because in this you are getting a long range of 150 km, so that you can easily travel up to 150 km from full charge.


In this scooty you are getting telescopic suspension at the front and Heavy Spring loaded in the rear. Which will help you to make your ride smooth even on bad roads.

Brake Types

In this you are getting disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. Both of these are great brakes that will help you stop safely.

Tubeless Tyre

In this you are getting tubeless tyres, which helps you to reduce the problem caused due to tire puncture during the journey. Because the chances of them getting punctured are less, even if they happen, all of these air does not come out suddenly. So that you do not have to stop suddenly.

Alloy Wheels

In this you are getting good quality alloy wheels which are very beautiful and attractive.

Long Leg Space

In this, you are getting long leg space, so that you will not have any problem in keeping your legs. It gives you a comfortable seating.

Comfortable Seat with Passenger Backrest

In this, you are getting a very comfortable seat with Passenger Backrest, so that you will not get tired even in long journeys.

Reverse Mode

In this you are also getting Reverse mode so that you will not have any problem in reversing the scooty. You can easily reverse it by turning on its reverse mode.


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