Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+ Sedan

Pricing starts at $74,900/-

Key Features Of EQE 350

Mercedes-Benz EQE 350+

Electric, essential, quintessential

It is futuristic, progressive, and innovative, but you know its basic principles. Always refined luxury. Innovation is always going on. And infinite devotion for your well-being. Perhaps no electronic sedan sounds so new, but so natural.

A touch more intelligent.

The digital display consists of two layers each with more than one leg, which respond to less than one hand. Using Artificial Intelligence, MBUX can recognize your fingerprint, respond to your natural speech and start up in time.

Better ways to show you the way.

MBUX navigation and electronic intelligence can optimize your route, activate driving aids, and turn into curvy roads to make your journey faster and easier, including charging stops. It can overlay instructions with live video of the conversion, or emanate them from the heads-up display.

Headlights that brighten and enlighten.

Available digital headlights perfectly illuminate the road with millions of pixels, adapting to the road and the road ahead with real-time information and your view of the road. They will welcome you and treat you well.

A keen sense of your surroundings.

High sensitivity lenses look like dull eyes. A standard system can make parking easier, and give you peace of mind when you lock and go. Help make it safer to change lanes or get out of the car. A driver’s assistance system is standard on most models.

From intrigue to invisibility.

EQE is designed to fool the wind, not your eyes. The unique aerodynamic detail of its body shape “a bow” helps reduce noise and wind, especially important in electric cars. But the good stuff rewards your look, like the shiny grille options and the little star.

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Dressed to the nines, and the 21s.

EQE wheels make their way with nine designs, including four 20-inch and two 21-inch models. Among them, three AMG® wheels emphasize the functionality of the optional AMG Line exterior. The interior of the AMG Line features sporty details from the seats to the pedals.

Climate change for the better.

Breathing at home begins with EQE, being able to support her while she is at home. Beyond that, there are HEPA filters, ionizers, and aroma atomizers that can help purify the air or even give it subtle aromatherapy.

Taut lines outside, light lines inside.

The EQE’s body bends like an archer’s bow to be sleek and spacious. The ambient lighting highlights the flowing dash, controls and even the upholstery of the front seats. Active lighting and massage options can improve well-being.

The state of the art of sound.

Quiet driving is a space bridge. Experts in acoustics, media design and physics have created an EQE sound experience that adapts to your driving situation. And you can stream Apple Music® in quality spatial audio with the addition of Dolby Atmos® and Burmester® 3D surround.

The energy of engineering.

From smart magnets to battery software that can be updated over the air, this is an EV for the future and for the future. The EQE 350 and EQE 350 4MATIC can send 288 hp to the rear or all four. The EQE 500 4MATIC sends 402 hp. The electrified 4MATIC® all-wheel drive can be adjusted up to 10,000 times per second.

Roomy in the cabin, a compact in corners.

With four-wheel drive available, the rear can be tilted 10 degrees to allow for low-speed turns of up to six feet. At speed, all wheels can be steered in one direction for smooth transition, acceleration and exit routes.

The multitalented multilink, or adaptive air.

The Mercedes-Benz designed Multilink suspension delivers refined power through all four wheels. Available AIRMATIC® can be adjusted to any wheel for load, road and driving style. Speed-based downsizing can improve range and control.

Electric made easy.

With a driving range of up to 305 kms and fast response, the company’s continuous charging system provides over 60,000 public charging points across the country with the assurance of green energy. Intelligent Navigation sets new standards for ease of driving.

Charge forward, at no charge.

Mercedes Me Charge helps you find, use and pay for chargers across the entire US network. Buying or leasing a new EQE includes a complimentary 30-minute session with the Electrify America DC Fast Charger for two years.

Start the day charged at home.

Mercedes-Benz helps make charging at home easy, smart and future-ready. ChargePoint and Qmerit’s portal is designed to help you with the purchase and installation of a high-end home wall box designed to work seamlessly with your EQE.

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