Mercedes-Benz EQA

Mercedes-Benz EQA

Rs.50.00 lakh
Approximate price

Top Speed

187 kmph


66 kw Lithium Battery


350 km

Mercedes-Benz EQA

Electro-aesthetics signifies progressive luxury.

The EQA gets a black panel radiator grille with a central star that is the hallmark of the Mercedes-EQ. Another distinctive design feature of the full-electric world of Mercedes-EQ vehicles is the continuous light bar at the front and rear. A horizontal fiber-optic stripe connects the daytime running lights of the full-LED headlamps, ensuring a high level of detection both in daylight and at night. The interiors of the headlamps have been crafted for a high level of quality, detail and accuracy. The blue highlights in the headlamps reinforce the signature look of the Mercedes-EQ. The LED tail lamps merge seamlessly into the tapered LED light strip, thus underlining the effect of width in the rear view of the EQA. The license plate has also been shifted to the bumper. The light-alloy wheels typical for this model are in bi- or tri-color designs, up to 20 inches in size, in some cases with pinkish gold paint or blue decorative trim.

Mercedes-Benz EQA

Electric character in the interior.

A hint of electric character is provided in the interior of the EQA, depending on the design and equipment line, provided by a new style of back-lit trim elements and gold-painted decorative trim on the ventilation outlets, seats and vehicle keys. goes. , The Edition 1 Special model additionally has perforated leather seats, through which the blue cloth can be seen. The devices, with their electric car-specific display, run on the same color scheme with pink gold color and blue highlights.

The seating position is high and upright, as is typical for an SUV – making it not only comfortable to get in and out of, but good in terms of all-round visibility. Utility value was one of the common focuses during development. The rear seat backrest split-folding.

Efficiency is the key factor.

With a CD value of 0.28, the EQA yields an excellent result. Frontal area A totals 2.47 m2. The most significant aerodynamic measures included a fully enclosed cooling air control system in the upper part, aerodynamically efficient front and rear aprons, a very sleek, almost completely enclosed underbody, specially adapted aero wheels and specially adapted front. And there are rear wheel spoilers. The standard heat pump is part of a sophisticated thermal management system. With its many innovative details, such as the reuse of waste heat from the electric drive system, the system is configured for exceptional efficiency and thus maximum range. It is also possible to set the preentry climate control for the interior before starting. This function is controlled directly from the MBUX infotainment system or via the Mercedes Me app

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