Mercedes-Benz AMG EQS

Starting Price at – $147,500/-

Key Features Of AMG EQS



Power (hp)

649 hp

Battery capacity

107.8 kWh

Electric range

277 mile


Fast and steady wins the race.

To make an all-electric AMG, it first has to be a full AMG. Power inspires fear. Control builds confidence. Innovation that inspires the spirit of competition and the soul of the driver.

Boost, reinvented.

AMG’s two electric motors produce 649 hp, and can send 700 lb-ft of torque directly to all four wheels. The Race Start can deliver up to 751 hp and 752 lb-ft, which is good for 0-60 in 3.4 seconds.

Power, intensified.

Advanced, advanced battery technology produces an energy content of approximately 108 kWh. AMG specific wiring and software enhance performance in the sports driving mode, focusing on a position of maximum comfort.

Charging, accelerated.

An advanced national network of around 60,000 payment points can connect you to 186 kms in just 15 minutes. Your new EQS includes two years of 30-minute sessions on all Electrify America DC fast chargers.

Traction, the main attraction.

AMG Performance 4MATIC all-wheel drive precisely measures front and rear wheel torque depending on vehicle type and driving dynamics. The fully flexible, electro-precise system can be adjusted in fractions of a second.

Turns, tightened.

All four wheels engage steer to improve power, stability and maneuverability. Intelligent control adjusts steering angle back and direction in driving position. Up to 9 degrees of low speed adjustment can make more powerful turns, make parking easier.

Energy, captured.

Famous trains work in a new way, by changing the amount of power received during maneuvering and braking, from steering to one pedal driving. The intelligent support team has AMG brakes on hand to deliver a rewarding experience and feedback.

Air, grounded.

Agile and flexible AMG Ride Control air suspension with two AMG components and calibration for quick response to road surface, cornering power and driver inputs. AMG Dynamic Select’s five driver modes let you tune it from comfort to sport.

Sound. Track. The essentials of AMG.

Sending the tailgate to history can’t silence the enthusiastic voice of the AMG driver. From arrival to acceleration, the AMG sound experience is an emotional sound rooted in AMG heritage, listening to the driving position and the changes in your driving position.

A legacy shines into tomorrow.

The vertical chrome bars of the AMG grille are set within the black colored EQS panels to a stylish effect. Even better, signature LED headlights illuminate the front fairing, setting off the illuminated cockpit as well.

Where hands-on is hallowed.

With its twin wheel design, touch control buttons and AMG Drive Unit, the AMG Performance Steering Wheel puts a world of control in your hands. It’s available in Nappa leather, or Microfiber with a choice of Nappa or Carbon Fiber tones.

Fashionably fast footwork.

AMG® fully inspired and aerodynamic wheels combine strength, lightness and unmistakable style. Four design options, 21 or 22 inches in size and silver or black motifs, all 10 inches wide for aggressive situations.

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