Mahindra e2oPlus P6

Mahindra e2oPlus P6

Ex-showroom Price – ₹6.83 Lakh/- 

Key Features Of Mahindra e2oPlus P6


110.0 km/full charge

Battery Capacity

210Ah Lithium Ion



Body Type


Mahindra e2oPlus P6

Projector Headlight

In this you are getting Projector headlight which will help you in making your night journey easy and will give light to your road.

14 inch Wheel

In this you are getting 14 inch wheel. Which will help you in giving you a comfortable journey.

3.5 m length, 1.5 m Hight

In this vehicle, you are getting a length of 3.5 meters and a height of 1.5 meters. Which is a little less but the car is right according to the price.

Front Disc or Rear Drum Brake

In this you are getting disc brake at the front and drum brake at the rear. Which helps you to stop suddenly in all situations.

LED Backlight

In this you are getting very stylish LED backlight.

Mobile-app Connectivity

In this vehicle, you are getting mobile app connectivity, so that you can lock and unlock your vehicle from your mobile itself, you can turn the charging on and off and also start and stop the vehicle.


In this, you are getting a range of 110 km on the Fullcharge. Which makes it great for local city rides.

80 km top speed

In this vehicle, you are getting the top speed of 80 kmph. Which will help you to give you a great ride.

70 paise/km Cost

No need to worry about running cost in this car because you will get running cost of only 70 paisa/kilometer in it.

Tourk Power

70 mn


25 horse power

Battery Type

11 kwh battery lithium

Mahindra e2oPlus P6

Child Lock on The Back Door

In this, you are getting a child lock on the back door so that children in the moving vehicle cannot open the door.

Reverse Parking Camera

In this, you are also getting a reverse parking camera, with the help of which you can easily park your vehicle. Now you will not have any problem in parking the car.

135 Liters Boot Space

Despite being a small vehicle, you are getting 135 liters of boot space in it. In which you can easily keep your belongings.

Warranty 3 Years(car or Battery) 60,000 km ki

Comfortable Seats

In this you are getting very comfortable seats, which you can easily take long journeys, you will not feel tired.

Mobile Charging Port

Charging points have also been given in this vehicle to charge you mobile so that you can charge your mobile even during the journey.

Digital Instrument Cluster

In this we have brought you a blue colored digital instrument cluster, which is very stylish and attractive to look at. In which you get all the information.

Regenerative Braking System

To increase the range of this vehicle, we have installed regenerative braking system in it, through which the energy generated due to braking is converted into energy stored in the battery, due to which the battery keeps on charging during braking, which helps you to get more range.

Charging Time 6 hr

In today’s fast era, no one wants to waste their time in charging their vehicle, so in this vehicle we are giving you fast charging system which will give full charge to your vehicle in just 6 hours.

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