Joy e-bike Wolf

Joy e-bike Wolf

Ex-showroom price – ₹80,000/-

Key Features Of Joy e-bike Wolf


65 km/charge

Charging Time

3 – 3.5 hours

Battery Capacity

60 V / 23 Ah

Max Speed

25 kmph

Joy e-bike Wolf

Fast Charging System

In this, we are giving you a fast charging system, with the help of which now your vehicle will be fully charged in a very short time. Now you will not have to wait for long for your vehicle to be charged.

Hydraulic Suspension

Now you don’t need to ride uncomfortably with the old and substandard suspension as we have brought to you the hydraulic suspension which uses oil and gas instead of spring to absorb the forces emanating from the road. And help you make your ride comfortable.

140 kg Loading Capacity

Now you will not have to face any problem in carrying your luggage during the journey because in this scooty you are getting the loading capacity of 140 kg.

No License, No Registration

We have brought for you such a scooty that you do not need any kind of license to drive and there is no need for its registration.

Remote Lock

Now you are getting the facility of remote lock in Scooty too. Which is available only in 4 wheelers. With this you will make the journey more comfortable.

Headlight and Backlight

In this, you are getting excellent headlight and backlight which helps you to make your night journey bright and safe.

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