ejoy wolf plus

Joy e-Bike Wolf Plus

Ex-showroom price – ₹79,900/-

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Key Features of eJoy Wolf+ Electric Scooter

Max Speed

55 kmph

Motor Power

1500 W

Battery Capacity

60 V/35 Ah


100 km/charge

Charging Time

4-5 hours


Brushless DC

Joy e-Bike Wolf Plus

Protection System

It is getting a lithium-ion battery along with the sensor, which will help you identify the problem and prevent damage. BMS provides you with over temperature protection, short circuit, battery over charging, over discharging and over current protection.

Fast Charger

In this you are getting fast charging system, due to which your scooty gets fully charged in just 4 to 5 hours. Now you don’t need to keep your vehicle charged for the whole night or for 8, 9 hours.

ejoy wolf plus


In this you are getting very good suspension which will help you to make your ride smooth even in bad roads. Hydraulic suspension systems are relatively new. This system uses oil and compressed gas to absorb the forces exerted by the road surface.

Charge at Home


Riding Cost


Battery Capacity

60V 36.4AH

Battery Type

Detachable Battery

Mobile App


ejoy wolf plus

As easy as charging the phone

Charging it is as easy as charging your phone. This is not a difficult task, so there is no need to be afraid or panic, anyone can easily charge it.

ejoy wolf plus

Big Boot Space

In this, you are getting Big Boot Space to store stuff. This boot space Alpha size boot space allows you to carry almost everything that you want to carry. Enjoy extra large under-seat storage like carrying luggage, helmets, bags or just about anything.

tubless tyre

Tubeless Tires

In this, you are getting tubeless tires whose maintenance is very less, the chances of getting punctured are very less, even if there is a puncture, then there is no problem because suddenly all the air does not come out and we do not have to stop suddenly. And it does not take much time to get the puncture repaired.

ejoy wolf plus

100Km Range

Now you do not need to charge your scooty again and again as you are getting a range of up to 100 kms on a single charge, so charge your scooty full and ride worry free due to its long range.

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