Joy e-bike Hurricane

Joy e-bike Hurricane

Ex-showroom price – ₹2.33 Lakh/-

Key Features Of Joy e-bike Hurricane

Battery Capacity

72 V / 66 Ah

Max Speed

90 kmph


80 km/charge

Charging Time

8 hours

Joy e-bike Hurricane

Stylish Headlight and Backlight

In this, you are getting a very stylish head light and back light, which will easily attract the attention of anyone.

Hydraulic Suspension

To make your journey comfortable, we have installed Hydraulic suspension in it, with the help of which your journey will be good even on bad roads, you do not have to face any problem.

Dual Disc Brake

In this, you are getting dual disc brakes at the front which will help you to make your journey even more safe.

Top Speed 90 Km/Hr

Now you do not need to deal with slow speed in this fast era because in this we are getting you the speed of 90 kmph.

Running Cost

Now you don’t need to worry about the riding cost as it will cost you only 40 paise a kilometer.


Now you don’t have to worry because of the low range because we have brought for you a bike that will help you travel up to 80 kms on full charge.

Charging Speed

From now on your precious time will not be wasted due to low charging speed. Because in this you are getting fast charging system which will give full charge to your vehicle in just 5 to 6 hours.

Combi Brake

Combi Brake is a new braking system designed to reduce accidents due to loss of balance while braking.

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