Joy e-bike Gen Nxt Nanu E-scooter

Joy e-bike Gen Nxt Nanu E-scooter

Ex-showroom price – 77,400/-

Key Features of Gen Nxt Nanu E-scooter


60 km/charge

Charging Time

2.5 hours (with faster charger)

3 to 3.5 hours (with a regular charger)

Battery Capacity

60 V/20 Ah

Motor Power

250 W

Joy e-bike Gen Nxt Nanu E-scooter


In this, you are getting a 60 V controller, which provides efficient charging and discharging of the battery. It is also harmonious with various input voltage sources.

Front and Rear Drum Brakes

In this we are giving you front and rear drum brakes as they require very little maintenance and they are also user friendly.

Remote Lock

Unlike other two wheelers, it comes with a great remote lock where you can easily lock and unlock your vehicle with a single click.

Battery Level Indicator

In this, you are getting a battery level indicator, which gives you an indication about the depleting battery of your vehicle. So that you keep your vehicle charged on time.

Battery Type


Top Speed

25 kmph

Joy e-bike Gen Nxt Nanu E-scooter

140 kg Loading Capacity

Now you don’t need any other vehicle for your luggage as you are getting 140 kg loading capacity in this scooty which will help you to carry your luggage anywhere.

Hydraulic Suspension

Hydraulic suspensions are a new system for the automobile industry. This system uses oil and gas to absorb the forces exerted by the road surface.

Eco-Friendly Scooter

It is an eco-friendly scooter made by Joy E-Bikes. Since it uses a renewable source of energy, you can use it without worrying about harm to nature.

No License, No Registration

You do not need any driving license to run it. Nor does it need to be registered.

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