2023 Genesis GV60

Starting Price – $59,290/-

Key Features Of GV60

  • 21 Inch tyre
  • 10% to 80% charge in 80 mints
  • 350KW charger
  • Unique LED Backlight
  • Power tailgate
  • Wire less charger

Genesis GV60

Unique LED Headlight

In this, you are getting a very unique LED headlight which, while giving the function of head light, also gives the work of daytime running light and indicators.

Genesis GV60

Unique Wheel Design

In this, you are getting the unique wheel design which gives an attraction point to the vehicle. It has been given a lot of cut, which makes it look very stylish.

Crystal Ball Gear Shifter

You are getting a very beautiful crystal ball gear shifter in this vehicle. When you turn off your vehicle, its gear shifter turns into a crystal ball. And as soon as the vehicle is turned on, the crystal ball turns into a dial gear shifter.

17 Speakers

It has 17 music speakers for your entertainment so that you can enjoy great music on the go.

Face Lock

Face Connect is a feature that allows the car to recognize the driver’s face to lock or unlock the doors without a key. With Face Connect, the head-up-display (HUD), driver’s seat, steering wheel, side mirrors and infotainment settings can be changed based on the driver’s customized settings. It can automatically link to any driver profile, providing a new level of convenience that makes it feel like the vehicle knows the driver.

Genesis GV60

Fingerprint Authentication System

This allows drivers to start and drive the car without a key and offers an authentication function for in car payments and release of Valet Mode.

Interior Design

The interior of the GV60 adopts the Genesis design concept of ‘The Beauty of White Space’, where you want to create a spacious and comfortable interior. Plus, its floating structure and unique details combine to create a unique look.

Genesis GV60

Rear Design

At the rear of the GV60, the coupe’s roof profile ends with a distinctive swept wing. The volume of the rear shoulder, makes it stand out in its own strength, emphasizes the status of the car, the image of the electric car is high. The finishing touch to the rear of the GV60 is Genesis’ signature dual headlamps.

Genesis GV60

Front 360 Camera

Face Lock With Finger Print tap on handle to lock this vehicles

Wire less charger

In this, you are also getting a wireless charger, from which you can charge your mobile even during your travels. It has another great feature. When you forget to charge your mobile and start going off the car, then the car tells you that you are forgetting your phone on wireless charging.


378 kilometer Range

You are getting 378 kilometer range in this vehicle which is perfect for long journeys as well. You can easily cover long distances without recharging your vehicle.

Huge Boot Space

In this, you are getting huge boot space at the rear. In which you can keep a lot of your stuff. And it also has extra space to keep the charger. In this, you are also getting a boot light which will help you in keeping or leaving your luggage during night time. Its tail gate has been made fully electric so that you do not have any problem in opening or closing it.

Panoramic Roof (Only Moonroof)

In this you are getting a panoramic roof, it is not a sunroof, it cannot be opened, it is only a moonroof. From this you can enjoy the views and light outside.

Comfortable Seats with Massager

Its seats are very comfortable, which will not let you get tired, if you still feel tired, then it also has the option of seats massager.

Automatic Adjustable Driving Seat

In this, you are getting Smart Posture Care System, so that you put your height in it, it will set the driving seat and steering according to your height.

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