Gemopai Miso

Gemopai Miso Electric Scooter

Ex-showroom price – ₹44,000/-

You will like its lovely look, its front look, back look, side look, head light, back light etc. are very unique and attractive. Along with beauty, you also get amazing features like Digital Speedometer, Powerful LED Headlight, LED Back Light, LED Integrators, Excellent Hydraulic Suspension, Comfortable Seats, Main Stand, Side Stand, Front Drum Brake, Removable Battery, 120kg Loaded Capacity etc.

Key Features of Gemopai Miso

Max Speed

25-35 kmph


60-75 km/charge

Charging Time

90% in 2hrs

Battery Capacity

48 V/17.5 Ah

Gemopai Miso electric scooter

Digital Speedometer

In this we have brought Digital Speedometer for you which will provide you complete information. Whether it is day or night, you will not have any problem in watching it.

Powerful LED Lights

In this you are getting powerful LED headlight, back light and Integrators, which will fill your night journey with light. Now you will no longer need to travel in the dark or in low light.

Hydraulic Suspension

In this, you are getting hydraulic suspension which will help you to make your journey comfortable even on bad roads.

Motor Rated Power



16 Inch Tubeless


Not Required

Rear Carrier

Weight Capacity 60-70 Kg

Comfortable Seat

In this, you are getting a very comfortable seat, now you do not need to travel by being uncomfortable.

120 kg Loaded Capacity

Now you will not have to face any special problem in taking your luggage anywhere. Because in this you are getting a capacity of 120 kg to carry your luggage.

Removable Battery

Now you don’t have to wait at the charging station nor to install a charging board in the parking lot because you are getting a removable battery in it, which you can easily take out and charge.

Main Stand and Side Stand

In this you are getting both main stand and side stand, you can use any stud according to your convenience.

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