Starting Price – $54,500/-

Key Features Of EQB 300 4MATIC


7.0 sec


288 lb-ft


225 hp

Electric range

243 miles

Range to roam. Room for up to 7.

It is an SUV that can have up to seven rooms. With high EV you can enjoy every day. Intelligent technology and discreet luxury are delivered through fast response and silent filtering.

For changing times, and moods.

Sharp, exterior lines define the EQB’s elegant, modern interior. 64-color interior lighting allows you to customize your mood without EQB including a dimming dash backlit option.

A cabin that’s mind-expanding.

The luxury comfort of the EQB helps your spirits when you’re on an electric bike. Power/storage front seats can be heated and ventilated. Two-zone climate control monitors indoor air for dust, pollen and odors. And the large panorama terrace is available for stargazing.

And doesn’t mind expanding.

The rear cabin is adjustable to maximize, not compromise, comfort and weight. The 40/20/40 split second row sits on a slide forward. When you split a 50/50 option into three lines, its profit margin doubles. Turn them all over on the floor to make room for the weights.

Distinction in style

The full-width headlights complement the Mercedes-EQ signature black panel front end. The red taillights similarly spread a wide power gap.

Diversity of styles.

The EQB wheels and styling options are designed to reduce drag while providing an attractive look. The five 18-inch and 19-inch wheels feature exciting, ultra-modern detailing or the AMG® logo that you can add with the optional AMG Line/Night Sports package.

The virtual assistant gets real.

Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX) is your on-board voice assistant. Simply say “Hey, Mercedes” to control many features by speaking naturally. MBUX uses artificial intelligence to create a great experience that gets to know you better as you use it.

very touch is electrifying.

The fully digital cockpit welcomes you in a clear and intuitive manner. The steering wheel, console and center screen all offer touch controls. Adjustable digital instruments include EQ-specific indicators and charts.

Navigation with a range of talents.

The MB’s standard navigation features electronic intelligence to help maximize range and minimize strain. It can help you choose a more efficient route, steer the bike on the road and on the ground, and also prepare the battery for quick charging.

Visionary, visible and invisible assists.

The available Technology package makes driving easier by providing turn-by-turn directions and live video of you. With a heads-up display, it can alert you about posted speed limits. And it allows you to control certain features of the house with simple movements.

Advanced systems for smoother, safer moves.

Standard blind spot and exit assist take care of going around and make using the hands-free capabilities easier on yourself once the car is gone. Options include a surround-view camera and a larger driver’s office with assist ranging from adaptive cruise control to one-hand adaptive cruise control.

Dual motors, four-wheel thrust.

Front and rear electric motors combine for 225 hp in the EQB 300 and 288 hp in the EQB 350. Both deliver quick acceleration and fast, seamless response, and are 4MATIC® all-wheel drive capable. change in fractions of a second. To improve retention and control.

Agility, for all-road ability.

Like its gas-powered relatives, the EQB balances sporty response and refined comfort, thanks in large part to its four-wheel suspension. Its Multi Link design, pioneered by Mercedes-Benz for cars and SUVs, continues to set industry standards.

Electric made easy.

With a driving range of up to 243 kms and fast response, the company’s continuous charging system provides over 60,000 public charging points across the country with the assurance of green energy. Intelligent Navigation sets new standards for ease of driving.

Charge forward, at no charge.

The Charger Guide is a great way for the Mercedes-EQ to define an electric car. Mercedes Me Charge helps you find, use and pay for chargers across the entire US network. Buying or leasing a new EQB includes a complimentary 30-minute session with Electrify America’s DC Fast Charger for two years.

Start the day charged at home.

Mercedes-EQ helps make charging at home easy, smart and future-ready. Charge Point and Qmerit’s portal is designed to help you with the purchase and installation of highly popular wall boxes designed to work seamlessly with your EQB.

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