BrightDrop Zevo

BrightDrop Zevo

BrightDrop Zevo

Range- 400 km/Charge

A new vision for delivery

For us, we don’t want to make another electric car. We want to build something that can make a real difference. Zevo was born in a few hours of research with the staff to find out what it needed to make them one of the safest and most secure delivery vehicles in the world.

Available GVWR- 9,990 lbs
Cargo space- Over 600 cu. ft.
Payload- Up to estimated 2,200 lbs
Overall Height- 107.93 in

Available GVWR under 10,000 lbs

Zevo’s GVWR limits the need for additional power to operate which could help more qualified drivers.

Designed for productivity

Our vehicles are built from the ground up with optimum weight and low-profile features to improve the delivery of products and services that create long-term performance.

Regenerative braking system

Gain power during deceleration, stretch the car and extend the life of the brake booster.

Charging infrastructure

Our team is ready to help make your transition to power a success by empowering, providing consistent, reliable care while reducing installation costs, with reliable industrial equipment we can hook you up to.

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