BMW i3 Electric Car

Ex-showroom Price – $44,450/-

Key Features Of BMW i3









Acceleration (0 to 100km)

7 Second



184 bhp


33 kw lithium Battery


Front Look

In this you are getting a very good front look, its black colored bonnet gives it a different look. Being an electric vehicle, you are getting a close grille in it. Its sharp headlight and stylish indicator just below it give it an awesome look.

LED Headlight

In this you are getting powerful LED headlight which helps you to make your journey easier and safer by illuminating your road at night. Another feature of this is that it uses less electric which increases the range of your vehicle.

Back Look

In this, you are getting a very beautiful back look like you are getting the bonnet black color in the front, similarly the tailgate has also been given black color to give the back look which looks very nice. Its logo and backlight on the black tailgate look great.

Boot Space

In this, you are getting a huge boot space, with the help of which you can easily keep a lot of stuff.

Remote Lock

In this vehicle, you are getting Remote Lock System, with the help of which you can easily lock and unlock your vehicle. You can also open the bonnet.

Large Wheel

In this, you are getting large size wheels, which make the performance of your vehicle better and also give it a good look.

Digital Instrument Cluster

In this you are getting Digital Instrument cluster on which you get all the information easily.

Comfortable Seats

In this, you have been given comfortable seats so that you do not have any problem in sitting, you can complete your long journey without any fatigue.

4 Drive Mode Eco pro+, Eco pro, comphert and sport

In this, you are getting 4 types of drive modes, with the help of which you can increase or decrease the top speed of your vehicle, but this will have a slight effect on its mileage (range). You will get a little less range at higher top speed. When you put your vehicle on low top speed mode then it will give you more mileage (range).

Range (Mileage)

After fully charging this vehicle, you can travel up to 200 km. With the help of which you will not need to charge your car again and again.

Charging Time 10 hours

It takes only 10 hours to charge it, you can fully charge it by charging it all night, so that you will get your vehicle full charge by morning.

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