BG D15 Pro

BG D15 Pro

Ex-showroom price – ₹1.15 Lakh/-

Key Features Of BG D15 Pro Electric Scooter

Charging Time(0-80%)

4 hours

Max Speed

60 kmph


115 km/charge

Motor Power


BG D15 Pro

16 inch tires

In this you are getting big size tires which will help you to give smooth ride on rough roads. You will not find such big tires in any Scooty.

Complete Metal Body

Keeping in mind the safety of your scooter, we are giving you a complete metal body in it so that it does not get much damage even if it falls.

LED Headlight

In this you are getting very powerful LED headlight which with its bright light will make your night journey even easier and safer and easier.

Hydraulic Suspension

The hydraulic suspension will help you make your journey comfortable no matter how rough the road.

Long Leg Space

For your comfortable journey, we have brought your long leg space so that you can sit comfortably during the journey.

5:30 charging time

Why slow charging in this fast era? That’s why we have brought for you fast charging system, with the help of which you can do full charge in just 5 to 5:30 hours.

Removable Battery

Now charging your vehicle’s battery has become even easier because you are getting a removable battery in it, which you can easily charge by getting out of your vehicle easily.

USB Port

There is no need to worry about your mobile battery getting low during the journey. Because in this we are giving you a USB Port, with the help of which you can charge your mobile even during the journey.

2 Types ride modes

In this you are getting 2 types of ride modes, eco and sports. In eco you will get a little less top speed but more range, on the contrary you will get more speed but a little less range in stores.

Side Stand sensor

In this you are getting a very good side stand system, your scooter will not start until you stop it.

115 km Range

In this, you are getting a range of up to 115 km on full charge, which is great for both city rides and long rides.

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