Benling Kriti

Benling Kriti Electric Scooter

Ex-showroom price – ₹56,999 – ₹66,120/-

Key Features of Benling Kriti

Charging Time

4 hrs (Li-Ion),  7 – 8 hrs (VRLA)

Battery Capacity

48V/24Ah*1 (Li-Ion), 48V/20Ah*5 (VRLA)


60 km/charge

Max Speed

25 kmph

side view of Benling Kriti

Fast Charging

For your comfortable journey, you are getting a fast charging system in it, so that you do not need to charge again and again or all night.

round speedometer

Digital Speedometer

In this, you are getting a good quality digital speedometer, which will give you complete information.

beautiful indicators

Attractive and unique Indicators

In this you are getting very attractive and unique indicators, which increases its beauty even more.

red colour

Unique Headlight and Back Light

In this, you are getting a very unique headlight and back light, which will fill your journey with light during the night, making your journey safe and comfortable.

Reverse Mode

In this, you are also getting reverse mode so that you will not have any problem in pushing your scooty back.

more storage

Storage space

In this you are getting big storage space to keep your belongings. So that you do not have to face any problem in taking your luggage anywhere during the journey.

black colour

USB Port for Phone Charging

In this you are getting a USB port for phone charging. With which you can easily charge your phone anywhere.

Anti Theft Alarm

In this you are getting Anti Theft Protection alarm which helps you to keep your vehicle safe. So that your vehicle can be protected from theft or any damage.

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