Benling Falcon

Benling Falcon

Ex-showroom Starting price – ₹62,200/-

Key Features Of Benling Falcon Electric Scooter

Max Speed

25 kmph

Charging Time

4 hours


70-75 km/charge

Battery Capacity

60 V / 22 Ah

Benling Falcon

Tubeless Tyres

Tubeless tires have been installed keeping in mind your comfortable journey, this tire is very good as compared to other Taro, the chances of getting punctured are very less. Even if there is a puncture during riding, then all of these air does not come out suddenly, due to which the balance does not get disturbed and safety is maintained.

Large Digital Speedometer

In this we have brought for you, Large Digital Speedometer, in which you will be able to see complete information easily. For your convenience, we have kept its size bigger. It is designed to be viewed both in day and night.

unique headlights

DRL’S Headlamps

In this, you are getting Powerful LED Headlamps with DRL Light which illuminates the night, making your night travel easier and safer, and helps other road users to see your vehicle quicker and clearer during the day.

Super Comfortable For A Couple

We have fitted it with a very nice seat which is very comfortable for both couples and singles. In order to make your journey more comfortable.

back lights

LED Back Light & Indicators

In this we are giving you LED Back Light and LED Indicators which is very stylish and great. Which gives it a very nice look.

Anti Theft Protection Alarm

The safety of the vehicle is the most important, that’s why we have installed Anti Theft Protection alarm in it so that whenever someone tries to harm your vehicle or tries to steal, then this alarm will alert you.

Smart Breakdown Assistance

In this, we are giving you Smart Breakdown Assistance, whenever your vehicle is not detected due to software or any other problem, then you can easily drive 5 to 10 kilometers by using it.

USB Port

Looking at the increasing importance of mobile, we are giving you a USB port in it, with the help of which you can easily charge your mobile.

Keyless Start By Power Button

In this you are getting the power button so that you can turn your vehicle on and off with just a push of a button.

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