Benling Aura Black

Benling Aura

Ex-showroom price – ₹73,000/-

Key Features Of Benling Aura Electric Scooter

Max Speed

60 kmph

Charging Time

4 hours

Battery Capacity

72 V / 40 Ah


120 Km/charge

Benling Aura

Smart Breakdown Assistance System

You do not have to face any problem during the journey, so that we have given a Smart Breakdown Assistance System in it, so that whenever your scooty is not running due to any reason, then this turn can be driven up to 10 kilometers by turning on

Start/Stop Button

In this we are giving you the Start/Stop Button, with which it has become even easier to start and stop the vehicle, with the help of this your journey will become even more comfortable.

Mobile Charging Mode

In this, we have brought a USB port for you, so that you can charge your mobile very easily even during the journey. Now the mobile battery is low or exhausted, there is nothing to worry about.

Digital speedometer

Smart Digital Speedometer

In this you are getting Smart Digital Speedometer, with which you will get all the information clearly. In this you are also getting day and night mode, so that night or day, you will not have to face any problem in viewing it.

Benling Aura

Parking Assistance Mode

In this, you are giving Parking Assistance, which has been put in place keeping your safety in mind. When you turn on the Parking Assistance of your vehicle, then its accelerator stops working.

telescopic suspension

Telescopic Suspension

In this, you are getting telescopic suspension at the front which will help you to give a smooth ride even on rough roads. We will help you to make your journey more comfortable.


Removable Battery

You do not have to face any problem in charging your vehicle, so we are giving you a removable battery in it, which you can charge very easily by getting out of your vehicle.

Front Disc Brake

You are getting a disc brake at the front, which will help you to stop suddenly and safely.

tail light and indicators

Tail light

Tail light has its own important place in the look of a vehicle, so we are giving you a very beautiful tail light in it. Which gives it a very nice look.

Smart Remote Key

In this you are getting Smart Remote Key which will help you to lock and lock them easily.

4 Speed Modes

In this you are getting 4 speed modes, from which you can increase or decrease the top speed of your vehicle.

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