Audi RS e-tron GT

Audi RS e-tron GT

Ex-showroom Price in New York – $144,000/-

Ex-showroom Price in New Delhi – ₹1.9Cr/-

Key Features Of Audi RS e-tron GT


472 km

Charging Time

5hrs 15m (80%)

Top speed

245 Kmph

side view of audi e torn

Exterior Design

This ambition – a reinterpretation of a car – is also reflected in the purist design, driven by aerodynamic performance. Progressive luxury provides incentives to further intensify the emotion-filled driving experience. Characteristic: RS is symbolized with a red rhombus.

e-Tron RS GT

Exterior Appearance

Striking accents mark its key features. For example, a vehicle’s low center of gravity appears due to pronounced sills and a long wheelbase.

back light

Animated Rear Light Strip

Another animated light strip spans the full width of the rear, framed on its outer edges by individual V-shaped LED segments within the light units themselves. This reversing light and indicator function is a first for Audi

Matrix LED Headlights

The optional Matrix LED headlights along with the Audi Laser Light are a primary part of a progressive design language. An unmistakable statement is the light signature with the blue X-element, where the dynamic light show begins with a horizontally propagating light wave.

back light

Precise Finish

The boldly sculpted shoulder line and distinctive rear diffuser convey an impression of impressive power. The well-spaced lightly sloped roofline at the rear of the Audi RS e-tron GT conveys the urgency to move forward even when the vehicle is stationary.

OUTLOOK of audi


The 800-volt lithium-ion battery integrated into the flat underbody delivers extremely high performance – both while charging and while driving. In conjunction with the recuperation system, it provides a range of up to 481 km as per the WLTP measurement procedure.

innerlook of audi

Contrast ambiance: For example, set the interiors apart with leather upholstery in fine Nappa leather Jet Grey-Black from Audi Exclusive. High-quality stitching in Iguana Green adorns the seats, steering wheel 1 2 0’clock marking and seat belts, among other things.


Sporty look. Sporty character: The sporty seats at the front offer good lateral support while cornering at speeds.

inner look

In the Audi RS e-tron GT, everything is centered on the functional center of the interior: the driver’s position.

inner look

Back Row of Seats: The distinctive exterior rear seats with an additional, central seat option emphasize the sporty character.

Carbon Roof

The Alternative Carbon roof is made of a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. The hi-tech material is very stable while being extremely lightweight.

audi e torn

High Quality Materials: The materials used in the interior are a showcase of progress.



Intelligent thermal management keeps performance at an exciting level even during multiple consecutive sprints.

Charging at home: The Audi e-tron GT quattro can be charged at a maximum alternating current (AC) charging capacity of 1 1 kWh as standard. Faster charging at 22 kW at home requires an optional 22 kW on-board charger and an additional 22 kW (AC) charger.


Fast Charging: The performance of the Audi RS e-tron GT is evident even during charging: up to 270 kW at 800-volt charging stations – as standard. It takes approx. 5 minutes to charge enough electricity for the next 100km. Battery charge will go from 5% to about 20% in about 22.5 minutes. 80%.

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