Ather 450X Electric Scooter

₹1,34,000/- to ₹1,55,600/-

Ex-showroom Price At Dehli

Key Specs

True Range
105 km

Top speed
80 km/hr

0-40 km/h
3.3 s

146 km
Certified Range

Body Type

Aluminium Body


90/90-12 Tubeless

Ather 450X

Fast Speed

Now you don’t need to go slow as in this you are getting top seed of 80km/hr which will help you to ride better and stay ahead always. And it gives you a speed of 40km/hr in just 3.3 seconds.

Ather 450X

Side Stand Sensors

In this you are also getting Side Stand Sensors. So that you do not forget to turn off the stand and you do not face any problem due to the open stand while riding.

Electricity unit’s consumption

3 Units

Motor power (output)




Seat Height


Ather 450X

Guide Me Home Lights (Guide Me Headlights)

In this you are getting the Guide Me Home lights system which is a feature of vehicles these days for safety reasons. Also known as Guide Me Headlights, these are its important features. Due to this, the front headlamp switch remains on for 10 to 15 seconds, which gives you a safe passage after you have parked the vehicle at home or in a nearby parking lot.

Ather Showroom Near Me

Ather 450X

Portable Charger

With this you are getting a portable charger. Which you can easily take with you anywhere. And can be charged by connecting to any 5A socket.

Now you don’t need to get out the phone again and again

In this, you will not have to take your phone out of pocket again and again because on its 7 inch touchscreen dashboard you can see Google Maps, pick up or cut a call and you can also play, pause, change music.

Ather 450X

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

In this, you are getting the Tire Pressure Monitoring System, which notifies you when the tire pressure of your scooty is low or getting flat. It helps you maintain proper tire pressure, which improves handling of your vehicle, decreasing tire wear, shortens braking distance, and increases your safety on the road by reducing fuel consumption .

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Ather 450X Electric Scooter
Ather 450X Electric Scooter

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Okinawa R30
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Okinawa OKHI-90
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Viertric XL
Viertric XL

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Ather 450X

Reverse Mode

In this you are also getting Reverse mode which is available mostly from 4 wheelers, now you do not need to push your scooty back, now you can easily reverse it by doing it in reverse mode.

Ather 450X

Dual Disc Brakes

In this you are getting disc brake, that too Dual Disc brakes, which is better than single disc brake. Now enjoy your ride with double the safety.

Ather 450X

Monoshock Suspension

In this you are getting Monoshock suspension, it is used in most sports bikes to improve performance. It is a kind of suspension which is used in the bikes to reduce the damping effect so as to increase your comfort while riding the bike.

More Storage Space

In this we are getting you up to 22 liters of storage. Now you will not have any special problem in carrying the goods. Because most of your stuff will come in your vehicle storage only. A full face helmet can also be comfortably placed in it.

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