Audi e-tron S

Starting Price at $88,200/-

Key Features Of Audi e-tron S


Exterior details

Exterior features of the S model include unique bumpers and alu-optic roof and windows. Also, the wide track and wide wheel arches are also visible.

e-tron S taillights

In keeping with the attractive accessories and 3D aesthetic, the full-width e-tron S taillights complement its sculpted exterior design.

Carbon inlays

Get luxurious looks inside the cabin of your e-tron S with standard, carbon square structure inlays.

Black optic package

The Black package includes high-gloss black materials, black exterior glass, black wheel arches and 22″ 5-spoke-Interference Design wheels with titanium finish.

Front S sport seats

Imagine the sportiness and elegance of the power-adjustable S sports seats with Valcona leather and Diamond.

Tri-motor EV

Unique to the Audi e-tron S is its three-in-one electric motor that powers the front wheels and two at the rear. Twin rear axles provide torque distribution to each individual wheel.

audi e tron s

Adaptive air suspension

Due to the many constantly changing driving conditions, the sports adaptive air suspension on the Audi e-tron S can change the driving dynamics. The ride height is adjustable so that you can enjoy the road on your own terms.

Audi drive select

Whether you’re driving around town or on dirt roads, Audi Drive Select adjusts suspension, steering and suspension to suit your driving preferences.

Two charging ports

Whether you’re driving around town or on dirt roads, Audi Drive Select adjusts suspension, steering and suspension to suit your driving preferences.

Audi virtual cockpit plus

As a customizable digital instrument cluster, Audi virtual cockpit plus presents key information right in your field of view on a stunning, 12.3\” HD display. Includes three modes with e-tron Sport layout.

Audi connect

Unlock a collection of comprehensive digital services and features designed to improve your driving experience. Whether you’re looking to see how long you’ve been at that red light, planning your car rental remotely, or mapping out your next journey from the comfort of your own home, Audi Connect has you covered.


Towing capacity

With a maximum towing capacity of up to 3,300 pounds when properly equipped, the e-tron S is an electric SUV that truly performs like an SUV.

audi e tron s

Plug and Charge

Get back on track quickly with Plug & Charge. Easily reserve your e-tron S at the electrifying America Express garage without using the myAudi app. Simply connect your car to the station and the booking session will start instantly.

Audi pre sense® front

Audi Pre Sense® scans the road ahead and warns you in case of an emergency. If there is no response, the car can easily break away to avoid a collision or reduce the difficulty.

Adaptive cruise assist with lane guidance

With Adaptive Cruise Assist with Lane Guidance, the manual system maintains a pre-set distance to the vehicle in front and helps you steer your way.

Top view camera system

Connect to the exterior of your car with a high-definition camera system with virtual 360 view. Switch between 3D camera views and swipe to see different angles – from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

Intersection assist

Intersection Assist can use sensors to help identify intersections when pulling into an intersection and to warn the person entering through a short stop. Management on arrival.

Audi side assist with pre sense rear

Using radar sensors and warnings, the Audi Profile with Audi Pre Sense® Rear helps inform you if there is a vehicle in your blind spot and helps detect rear-end accidents.

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