2022 Electric Mustang MachE GT

2022 Electric Mustang MachE GT

Starting Price – $46,895/-

Key Features of MachE GT

front view

Front Look

Its front look is very beautiful. The cuts and bulge on its bonnet give it a muscular look. Which gives it an aggressive look.

Mustang machE GT


In this you are also getting daytime running lights along with beautiful LED headlights in sharp shape. Which helps you to have a safe drive both day and night.

Digital Rotary Dial Shifter

In this you are getting a new technology gear shifter, which you will like very much. Which is called Digital Rotary Dial Shifter. Which is very easy to control.


Without Door Handel

You are going to get this vehicle without a door handle, you will get a button on its door, which opens the door as soon as you press, in this way you can open the door of your vehicle.

Boot Space

Being an electric car, you are getting both front and rear storage space, so that you can keep a lot of stuff easily. Its boot space door is power based, which can be opened and closed with just the push of a button. So that you will not have any problem in opening and closing it.


Panoramic Moonroof

In this, you are getting a panoramic moonroof which lets you enjoy the outdoors even while sitting inside the vehicle, so that you can enjoy the views and light outside.

Comfortable Seats

You are getting very comfortable seats in this, the rear seats are not adjustable but its backrest angle is good, good lowerback sport and good thai sport.


Wireless Charger and Type C Port

No need to worry about the low battery of the mobile during the journey. In this you are getting Wireless Charger and Type C port from which you can easily charge your mobile.


Touch Screen Display With Dial

In this, you are getting a big touch screen display to control all the features, with which another new technology has been added, you are also getting a dial on the screen which looks very cool.

Auto Parking Mode

We have brought auto parking mode for you in this vehicle so that you do not face any problem during parking, with this mode the car automatically park itself.

Front or Rear Parking Camera

In this you are getting Front or Rear Parking Camera so that you will not have any problem to see front and back during parking. With which you can easily park your vehicle.

Top Speed

In this super car, you are getting a top speed of 200 kmph which will give you the pleasure of fast drive and will help you cover your journey in less time.

425 km Range

Now you don’t need to charge your vehicle while traveling or again and again as you are getting a range of 425 on full charge.


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